Afraid of Death!? Have a Death-Gasm ;)

WELCOME to a place where your view towards LIFE gets altered.
You might be new here OR you are a returning reader, open up your mind and let it al SINK in.

(BTW, today’s post is going to be super small – you can read it quickly while you’re jerking off) Believe me! Jerking off has a deep relationship with death 😉 Take and deep breath & continue fapping my friend. No one’s gonna disturb you 🙂

I want you to get an Orgasm after reading this post. Not necessarily the one that you usually get, BUT a one that you rarely get.

Orgasm in your MIND #mindgasm; Orgasm towards your view of life #viewgasm; orgasm toward life #lifegasm; and orgasm towards Death #DEATH-GASM 😉

In my last post, I wrote about Nothingness & you may consider this the Chapter-2 of Spirituality.


When I use the word “Death”, what comes to your mind INSTANTLY? 

Here’s what used to come to my mind (& if I’m correct the same comes to yours too)

Sad, Bad, Evil, Black, Crying, Sorrow, Blood, Murder, Accident……and something to RUN away from ——————–>>>>>>>> RUN ————>>>>>>> RUN ————–>>>> RUN 

As you may have seen in the movie FINAL DESTINATION:

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 12.04.31 AM.png

This is what google showed me when I wrote the word DEATH.

(BTW, the basic goal here is to learn why DEATH can be most peaceful experience and why you shouldn’t be afraid of dying)

(Warning: If after reading this post you become sociopath or psychopath – I am not going to take any responsibility)

As you can see what google showed me was something on the darker side. Something bad, something sorrow and something evil. This is what social media does. The point I am trying to make here is just ACKNOWLEDGE the fact that the default view of death in the SOCIETY is something negative and it is due to growing up watching movies and social media which portrays death as negative. Just ACKNOWLEDGE.

Now once you ACKNOWLEDGE it, you have the POWER to CHOOSE and CHANGE IT.

But before that,

What is Death? ——> In simple terms, when your physical body gets rid of all the consciousness and life energy it carries, it dies.

What dies? —–> Body dies. 

In my last post, you will have REALIZED that we (you and me) don’t really die. We were never born and thus we never die. The body dies & I don’t die.

If you didn’t read previous post about NOTHINGNESS, then please read it again HERE.


Well, if you never die, the the whole point of being afraid of death doesn’t exist right? – Totally fvcking right!


You & me, we both know that we’re humans; in this fast pace of LIFE we lose the touch of our existence and start to believe we that we exist, thus we tend to be afraid of DEATH even after we know that we don’t exist.

So let’s take it to a NEXT LEVEL, shall we? Instead, of BEING all spiritual woo-woo, how bout we just change the view of death.

Have you ever thought if death would be the most peaceful and pleasurable experience ever? I mean instead of Death being viewed as so painful can’t we just see it as PLEASURABLE. 

Below are posts of three people who had a Near Death Experience. Read it carefully.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 12.33.33 AMScreen Shot 2017-08-03 at 12.33.51 AMScreen Shot 2017-08-03 at 12.33.55 AM

So if people who have experience Death, say that it’s so peaceful why shall we be afraid of DEATH?

Below is when I truly realized that Death is beautiful:

I was having a coaching call with one of my mentors and we were talking about spirituality and religions (taboo stuff – you don’t wanna hear it especially if you’re religious). Suddenly, we started talking about LIFE ENERGY #theenergythatkeepsyoualive #theenergyinsideyourbody

And here’s the aaa-haa moment —-> Do you know when you’re masturbating and later having an orgasm, you’re basically throwing away your LIFE ENERGY?

Well, a simple act of fapping is HUGE. It has the potential to develop life, it has potential to bring a baby into existence. We are basically wasting all this LIFE ENERGY when fapping or even fvcking.

You don’t know how serious it is, DUDE!!!!!!! It’s our LIFE, it’s the ENERGY that keeps us alive. A part of us is DYING!

Lemme repeat – “A part of you is dying when you ejaculate”

Now if you agree to this statement – “A part of you is dying when you ejaculate” then please proceed below. If you don’t go back and read again. I’m serious mate!


But doesn’t it feel so good when you’re ejaculating or having an orgasm?

Doesn’t it feel so awesome and pleasurable when you’re throwing away your life energy #ejaculating?

Doesn’t it feel so warm, cozy like you’re swimming in river of honey when a part of you is dying? (#whenyou’refapping)

If you said “YES” then my FINAL QUESTION IS:

If it felt so good when a part of you is DYING then how would it feel when YOU AS A WHOLE is DYING? When the LIFE ENERGY that releases from your body while fapping INSTEAD just releases from your WHOLE BODY? When you’re WHOLE BODY IS DYING?


You know the answer now <me with a smirk ;)> and I’m done here.

Cheers mate,

Yours truly,
Death-gasm practitioner. LOL!


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