Nothing Matters (I am Nothing)


(Note – I don’t aim to attack anyone’s identity, personal beliefs or religion here. So I you don’t have a thick skin to digest the stuff then please don’t proceed and waste your time)

Fellow Nothing People,

This post today would be unlike any other posts. No self-obsession here, no narcissism NO-THING.

Just pure “Nothingness”

You may or may not understand this concept, you may or may not agree to it, you may argue OR you might hate me BUT it’s all COOL.

Because there is nothing to be understood, no concept and no idea. It is just as it is and while you are reading this right now word by word it might be still CONFUSING. However, I know those who will accept it as it will find new doors of reality OPENING FOR THEM!

(NOTE – You are about to get MINDFVCKED/BRAINFVCKED, so please wear a Brain Condom)

WHO AM I?” (Ask yourself this question as well)

Am I Sangeet? – No (Sangeet is my name but I am not Sangeet)
Am I my body? – No (I have a body but I am not my body)
Am I my money, my clothes, my breath, my environment? – No (I have money but I am not money, I have clothes but I am not my clothes, I breath but I am not my breath, EVERYTHING around ME is my environment BUT I ain’t my environment)

Then Who Am I? & Who are You?

Do I have parents? Do I have relationships? Do I have friends? 

The answer is NO. 

“Sangeet” has parents, “Sangeet” has money, “Sangeet” has friends, “Sangeet” plays guitar, “Sangeet” has girlfriends, “Sangeet” has clothes, “Sangeet” wears clothes, “Sangeet” lives in Canada, “Sangeet” likes Music…….blabber blabber blah!!

But who is SANGEET? – Sangeet is my name. 

Then “I” am not “Sangeet” It means I don’t have parents, I don’t have friends, I don’t have clothes, I don’t have girlfriends, I don’t live in Canada, I I I I I I …… “SANGEET”has all of this – Not ME…


Who am I?

Lets try again……..

Who are YOU?

(Now read below whatever it is as if YOU ARE READING FOR YOURSELF. TALK TO YOURSELF NOW! and answer the questions as well. THINK THINK THINK!)

What’s my name? …. (That’s my name But I am not my name **I have a name**)
Who’s body it is? …. (It is my body BUT I am not my “BODY”)
Who’s clothes, money, and possessions are this? …. (They are my clothes, my money and my possessions….BUT I am not my clothes, I am not my money and I am not my possessions and I am not even my name. It means they are my **”name’s”** clothes, my name’s money and my name’s possessions BUT not mine. Because I have a name BUT I am not my name)


Let’s consider “THOUGHTS” for a moment….

Everything that comes to my mind comes from where? Clothes, money, and my name??

Thoughts right!!

I have a thought and then I believe it’s REAL.

So if I ask you a question “Who are you? OR Who am I?”

Whatever came to your mind was a “Thought” RIGHT!!!!

BUT wait,

Where did that thought come from??

The answer is “ANOTHER THOUGHT”.…A thought that thought that my thought is a thought. And even this thought that thought that my thought is a thought is a “THOUGHT” as well.

So everything that comes into my mind, out of my mouth is just a THOUGHT.

One thought gives birth to another, and that thought gives birth to the next one………process goes on and on….

So everything that I have is a THOUGHT then it means everything around me is JUST A DREAM. JUST THOUGHTS AND NOT THE REALITY RIGHT!?

This means that I am living in a LIE and nothing around me is TRUE #REAL right?


I have my thoughts BUT I am not my thoughts. My thoughts originate from other thoughts but none of them are me. All of them are thoughts and they are my thoughts BUT I am not my thoughts..

Then Who am I?

Mind? Soul? 


Nope! I have a mind, I have a soul BUT I am not my mind and I am not my soul?


If nothing around me is ME. It means that I am nothing right?

I am just NOTHING“. I am not my clothes, I am not my name, I am not my relationships, I am not my fame, I am not my identity, I am not my body, I am not my money…..goes on and on..

It means I am “Nothing”.

However, even though I am Nothing, I am still Something right? Because I know that I am present and I exist. I am Nothing but still I am Something. 
Even thought I am something BUT still I am nothing.
In that nothing I am something and still I am nothing.

Now here’s the TWIST,

(If the question WHO AM I applies to me then the same question applies to you as well right!)

If I am nothing, then you (the reader) are nothing as well right!?. In the same way, your parents, my parents, your dog, tree, all the people, all the animals are NOTHING as well right! Also all the objects and non-living things are NOTHING as well right? Even the planets too!

It means all of us are “NOTHING” (NO-THING)

Doesn’t it mean that you and me are the SAME THING(Because you are nothing and I am nothing as well – so you and me are the same)

It means that everything in this world is the same right!? (Because everything is nothing)

If you, me and everyone are nothing. Then it means NOTHINGNESS exists in me and I am NOTHING. Then I am NOTHINGNESS. 

And the same exists in YOU….

So what exists in me, exists in you and what exists in you, exists in me and what exists in both of us exists in our parents/our dog/the world.

So it means you and I, we aren’t different. We are the same. Everything in the world is the same. What exists in planet jupiter is me and what exists in your girlfriend is me as well. 

I exist in everything, however I am nothing.

And being nothing I still exist in everything. 

Which means that I am nothing but I am everything.

I repeat…..



You may call it “God”, “Energy”, “Tao”, “Chi”, “Bhagwan”, “Allah”…and all other terms..

It also means that Nothing is the truth. Everything I see is my thoughts and not the truth. Everything you see is your thoughts and not the truth. I am not my thoughts and you are not your thoughts. So we are living in a fairy dream tale. However, there is only ONE TRUTH. Which I just shared!

“Nothing” – Nothing is the truth and since nothing exists in everything so EVERYTHING is the truth.

Now here comes the TRUE fvcking POWER…

But before that, What is meditation? – Meditation is just a tool to get in touch with your nothingness.

“When I get in touch with my nothingness I realize that I don’t exist because I am just there. I was never created and I cannot be destroyed. I was never born and I cannot die. I AM JUST THERE. I JUST EXIST. AND EVEN THOUGH I EXIST, I STILL DON’T EXIST”

Since I am there even though I am not there. And since I am nothing even though I am everything, It means I am peace. I cannot be destroyed, I cannot be touched, I cannot be talked about, I cannot be empty…blah blah..

Which means that whatever happens around me whether good or bad. For example, my relationships die, I lose my money, I lose my girlfriend, I lose my wife, I lose my house, I get rotten in jail, I am the only person alive on planet earth, I get beaten up or even TORTURED TO DEATH like “JESUS” (I can still not be broken and not be destroyed) (Jesus is just an example here because he was enlightened. I love him. He was one of the most compassionate beings on the planet)

I can still be at PEACE, no matter what happens around me. I can still BE NOTHING AND BE EVERYTHING and BE PEACE and BE NEUTRAL right.

(Note – we are coming to an end here because this is just the first chapter. There are so many thing to write, however, I can’t take the time to write a whole novel. So I’ll just recommend few books in the end ;))

When I get in touch with my nothingness, I am Jesus; I am Krishna; I am Buddha; I am the Tao; and I am the GOD.

Nothing can move me because I am not there, because I don’t exist and because I am just there and I just exists.

This is how Nelson Mandela who lived in prison for 27 years found Peace, this is how Jesus who was tortured was still peaceful and this is we find peace. (Note – Peace is not found. I am peace. Which means I found myself, Jesus found himself…blah blah blah..)!

And this is how you stay GROUNDED as Fvck my Friend.

I was still about to write more and more about the dimensions of time; how time is not real; how Yogis can meditate for years and years without eating anything and blah blah blah…But I guess some other time…

Till that time,

Peace; my good looking friend 😉

(I hope you wore a brain condom caz I didn’t want you to get HIV in your mind) (If you are a logical scientific person then you won’t believe this stuff. However, science has proven this. So go and GOOGLE “Quantum Physics”, so you will find the proof)

Lastly, few books to get to go deeper here: Tao Te Ching by Laozi, Krishna: The Man and his Philosophy by Osho, Freedom from the Known by J.D. Krishnamurti and Power of Now by Eckart Tolle

P.S. Please forget whatever you read till here. Because nothing was true, nothing was real and nothing was fact. Everything that I wrote was from my thoughts and since we discussed that thoughts aren’t real thus everything I wrote is false caz everything is a LIE and everything is a DREAM. Whatever is the Truth is NOTHINGNESS and it cannot be described by me or by anyone. It cannot be told or explained. It is just as it is. 

And even now, the previous paragraph is also not real.

Peace again 😉


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