(Important Tip in the END – Read Full)
Oh! I lost that chick because I smile too much….
Ooh! I lost that business deal caz I didn’t keep my face neutral…
Have you guys ever thought/wondered why in some situations you can’t keep your face neutral ESPECIALLY when u need it? 
LIKE sometimes appearing too excited or happy:
  • Ruins those Go-Pro Business Talks (OR)
  •  Sometimes people make Fun of You & you tend to LAUGH on their JOKES even if it wasn’t funny caz the whole group laughs on it.
Imagine Donald Trump for SEC  (And yeah! not in a bad way if you’re a TRUMP hater)
The Question is “Have you ever seen him Laughing suddenly when people say SHIT on his face OR when a Politician argues with him on TV?” If not click here
Observe the facial reactions of Jeb Bush vs. D. Trump AKA The Boss
 Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man AKA Tony Stark?
If you watch his interviews, when the HOST cracks a joke on him; he wouldn’t necessarily start laughing BUT he would rather have just a light smirk 😉 on his face & when audience is done LOL he would then come up with a WITTY RESPONSE that cracks a better HUMOUR
In this POST you will learn exactly how to manage those Facial Muscles.
But before that, I want you to take a DEEP BREATH and EMPTY YOUR MIND.
DID you take a deep breath?
Wait!!…You aren’t allowed to move on if you didn’t take it
Asshole! Stop cheating and TAKE FVCKING ACTION.
Last thing before I share this awesome exercise with you ——-> Say to yourself “Managing facial muscles is just a habit. Its a muscle memory. Its just a practice and I can do it” 
Cool! Trust me…It’s not a BIG DEAL. You will do it.
Exercise No. 1:- SCARY LITTLE LUNGE HOLD (not as scary as it sounds)
What you’ll do here is come up in a LONG LUNGE POSITION (Google it if you dont know what a Lunge is)…Have a timer….Hold that position for atleast ONE MINUTE and Concentrate on a POINT in front of YOU. MEDITATE ON THAT POINT. BUT KEEP YOUR FACE NEUTRAL. Don’t let any expression of PAIN come on your Face. People shouldn’t know that its paining you. REPEAT THIS ON THE NEXT LEG.
Once your comfy with it; extend the time…Up to 2 minutes..JC says you should be able to do it till 3 minutes. THE MAXIMUM I HAVE DONE IS TILL 2 MINUTES…Do this and let me know? You’ll rock the shit out of your face I promise 😉
Exercise no. 2 :THE COLD DONALD – We all have heard how AWESOME it is to take Cold Shower. HOP IN A SUPER COLD SHOWER THE FIRST THING WHEN YOU BATH..
Note – I said the first thing.
Dont start with HOT water. Start with COLD shower…Atleast for next 30 sec. BATH IN IT. MAINTAIN A NEUTRAL FACIAL EXPRESSION; don’t let any expression of PAIN come on your Face. Imagine people are watching you while you are showering & then make sure they don’t know that YOU ARE FINDING IT SUPER FVCKING COLD.
Final Exercise no. 3:- Ummm……
Maybe! I’ll share it some other time. BUT YEAH! It has something to do with a mirror.
LMAO! I love to keep you excited 😉 
READ FULLY BELOW caz I don’t want you to miss that important tip I have mentioned at the END
Peace my Badass Action Taking Friend.
P.S. TAKE ACTION and let me know how it goes for you. I know you are the next Tony Stark in case you DONT LIKE TRUMP….BUT I love that GUY 😉
-Everytime BEFORE AND AFTER u do that exercise TAKE A DEEP BREATH.
Anchor it with your deep breath.
Next time when u really need it. Just take a deep breath and it will come AUTOMATICALLY.

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