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“To transform a million men from all walks of LIFE into the most dominant, badass, challenging, charming, playful, flirty and successful version of their lives”

Business Destiny (67 Steps Tai Lopez):
“To inspire people through self expression”

“To regain the brotherhood”



Whether you have met him or not; he’s sure to ROCK your Life!

Famous For:
Wearing Leather Jacket
Buddha Tattoo on his right deltoid

Some of Sangeet’s Heros:
Alexander the Great
Steve Jobs
Robert Downey Jr.
Shah Rukh Khan
Julius Caesar
James Bond

Favourite Colours:
Black, Blue and Red

Some of Sangeet’s Hobbies:
Playing with his “G” (G for “Guitar” or “Girlfriends?”)
Salsa and other basic latin/ballroom dancing
Lifting Weights
Reading book (especially psychology, spiritual, biographies and inspirational books)
Writing Journal (Morning and Evening)
much more……(ping him to know more)

Best Trait:
Filled with Awesomeness, Fun and Purpose

Annoying Habit:
Constant blabbering or no blabbering

Gets emotional occasionally

Favourite City:


P.S. You still want to know more? Don’t hesitate to shoot him a message. He’s friendly and won’t bite.


Hi, I’m Sangeet Sejpal
I’m Trouble.

1996 – Dropped into so called Paradise (Planet Earth) from some planet where only badasses exists. – I was still a little baby badass

2000 – Entered the school. Brainwashed in this mediocre society to live mediocre life (But inside I knew I am greater than that)

2006 – Moved to some another school with a passion for Football (Referred to as soccer in “America”).

2008 – Bullied somewhere along the way

2010 – Experienced multiple disciplines – football, volleyball, cricket, badminton, table tennis, dancing, guitar, gaming, **eating shitty food** – realized school is full of sh*t – you are trained to do study something that you don’t want to; to impress someone you don’t need; to give up your dreams for the society; to get to somewhere that you don’t want to; to get a job that you are not designed for; and earn money that are less than your standards. Come on man! YOU’RE MORE THAN THAT!!

2013 – Graduated from high school (phooph!! finally!) and attended a “Diploma in Acting Program at Anupam Kher’s Acting Institute – Mumbai” (world-class experience, LOVE YOU guys – especially my roommates)

2014 – Went to London, UK for a “BTec Level 2 Diploma in Music” – entered the phase culture shock and depression – met some lifelong mentors and friends who totally transformed my perception about LIFE and chiseled me into a Rockstar Personality that was waiting to be unleashed

2015 – Came back to India. Decided that I no longer want to stay here but create a life of first class freedom in some another country. Meanwhile, gym and salsa classes with hardcore, fun, loving, enthusiastic group of people (if you’re reading this you know what I mean – you know it’s YOU. Love you.)

2016 – Present – Winnipeg, Canada. Working on my Mission. The journey to the sea of excellence has just began. Health freak, Coolness freak, Fashion freak, Freedom freak, Creativity freak, Passion freak, Dance freak, Acting Freak, Music Freak, Partying freak, Girls Freak and on my PURPOSE.

2020 – **secret** but will be in Vancouver, BC

2021-2023 – **secret** but will be in Toronto (coaching client with a badass company) and moved to USA

2024 – World’s best **secret**, however, would have met some of the top coaches in the America; started an amazing company; earned amazing bucks; learnt 10 different new skills; would be the youngest ever – healthiest ever; would have already written an amazing book; coaching top clients from all walks of life; millionaire mentors and keep on going

2026 – Launched one of the best ** so called (not to be revealed) company in India** with more than six people running it to the top. seminars all over the world, a big badass full world tour, travelled to 35+ countries, met amazing mentors in those countries. Moved to LA.

2030 – Million dollar lifestyle, million dollar house in Beverly Hills, Hollywood social circle, parties in playboy mansion, drinks with my role models and lots of cool stuff **if you know what I mean**




“This man has unbelievable energy. I wish he was by my side on my mission to conquer the Persian Empire. Together we would have ruled the world” – Alexander the Great

“The reason people remember me today is because of Sangeet. He has played a big role in my history. Don’t ask how, just acknowledge the fact” – Julius Caesar

“I see myself in him. Just as I want the GODS to scream my name, so does he. He’s my brother” – Achilles

“Sangeet is the most high-status, dominant, playful and challenging person I have ever seen in my life” – JC

“You deserve to own a house in B.H. (Beverly Hills)” – Rohan Sheth (The Founder of High Impact Marketing)